I’ll Take It Black - “Just a Little”

It all started with a dude that wasn’t shit. Well, to be fair, none of us were, at least not at the time. A bunch of horny little babies running around, trying to get their dicks wet. An effort that worked out very nicely, at least for me, but that's neither here nor there. *Forgive me father, for I have been severely dicked down - Amen!* I had a few regulars at the time, all different levels of dominance and a variety of dicks to match but like any teacher, I had a favorite. He was young and fresh. The type of guy that you could tell was confident and smart while being entirely aloof all in the same breathe. After meeting on some random, “ain’t shit, shit”, we exchanged numbers and wasted exactly no time before setting up a hang sesh. We said it was to smoke. When is it not though, ammirite? He showed up at my house, weed and rellos in tow, like a true, modern day gentleman. I told him that I knew, without a doubt, that I was a better blunt roller than him, he didn’t believe me. (Turns out I was *insert hair flip emoji*) It didn’t take us long to fuck, then fuck some more… and some more, and some moreee. Our smoke sesh went from “one time” to daily in the matter of a week. Be it early mornings, lunch breaks, late night, whatever, we figured out a way to fit it in. (get it *wink wink*)

The more we fucked, the nastier we got. Normal shit from choking on his dick to occasional anal became the norm. An act I hadn’t previously enjoyed much but you know what they say about the right dick… It wasn’t just the dick that was holding me though, it was him. He was cool as fuck, the type of dude I wanted to be best friends with. From fucking and hanging to spending hours a day on the phone, our bond became something special. Much stronger than the casual sex type I was used to.

Art by: @lilblackgoat 

This was cool from a friendship perspective, obviously, but it also hyped up the sex that much more. We were comfortable. Fucking like we had nothing to hide, nothing to be embarrassed about. One day in particular I had started my period. He didn’t really care but it was heavy and I was horny as hell, meaning anal was very much a card at play. I threw it out just as quickly as he picked it up. Good deal. I was still semi inexperienced in butt stuff, because in truth, a lot of the dudes I fucked were incrediblyyy well equipped. Like, I’m not trying to get my asshole ripped in two type equipment. But his dick, pshhhhh, that shit was perfect for the booty. 

Due to my inexperienced hole we’d normally have to start, and finish, with me lying on my stomach. Therefore minimizing the chance of total anal annihilation. Normally being key. That day a bitch was feeling nasty. Bent on all fours I backed my ass up on him. Rubbing it smoothly against his dick. His head lightly touching my hole. I looked over my shoulder at him, begging him to slide it in. With slanted eyes he asked, “you sure?” I nodded confidently. I ain’t no bitch. He looked overjoyed! With a twinkle in his eye he slid it in slowly. An obvious effort to ensure nothing went wrong. God forbid he fuck up this opportunity to dick me down up by accidentally inserting it too roughly. I was feeling like a fake pro hoe, throwing that ass back on his dick, pushing it deeper and deeper inside me. He looked impressed. I did too. I didn’t know I had it in me. Always treating my asshole like the untouched princess she is. But today was her day, she was being crowned as Queen. 

Art by: @benisright

It didn’t take long for him to mutter, “fuuuck, I’m about to cum.” “Don’t cum in my ass!” I half yelled causing him to pull out quickly. I could feel his warm load cover my back. God damn was that close. It takes a second for me to realize he’s silent. I turn around to face him and ask what’s wrong, he smirks and points at the ground. Curious, I walk around the bed, excited to see what was causing him this child like reaction. As I walked around the bed I saw it. A single poop ball. You know, the tiny, pebble like ones that come out when you’re constipated? He looked at me and I looked at him. I couldn’t believe it. His face filled with confusion and humor all at the same time, “are you going to pick it up?” He asked, laughter creeping into his tone. “Uhm, no, I told you we do butt stuff at your own risk. That’s on you.” I retorted quickly before turning to go into the bathroom to pee. I wasn’t sure if this response would work but I have always been a firm believer in, you want it, you clean it up. For a moment he just stood there, dumbfounded and confused. It was obvious he had never been challenged like this. Never fucked someone so shameless. Then slowly but surely replied, “shit, you’re right” before grabbing a few squares of toilet paper to pick up the poo pebble. Before I knew it, he was in the bathroom, making jokes like he wanted to touch me with it before throwing it out. I was in tears, so was he. “Bruh, you have no fucking shame, like what is wrong with you?!” He said through gasps for air. I shrugged and mustered out, “I told you!” cause in all honesty, I didn’t have any other answer. I feel a lot of things, embarrassment is rarely one of them. “You’re wild man. I can’t believe you said No.” he revisited as we rolled another blunt. The poo pebble still fresh on our brain.

That wasn’t the last time we did anal but it was the last time we had a mishap. No more poo and no more throwing my ass back on it. We were ready to play it safe. Stomach laying it was. Not because we were grossed out as much as we recognized how much worse it could’ve been. A poop pebble is just that, a pebble. That doesn’t mean we felt prepared to deal with a whole shit show. Moral of the story, live shamelessly. There’s nothing more powerful than making a man pick up your shit. Trust me.