07/22/18: Emo Trash

Did you see that balloon? The one floating in the breeze? Freely swaying back and forth so unbothered. As if an invisible child was toting it around. How did it get there? So lost. So isolated and without purpose. Born from the desire to spread happiness and cheer. Blown up as a token of love, of appreciation, of celebration. But eventually, it became just another nuisance. Forgotten like our morals after the first time we fuck. Why is it here? How did that happen? Once loved, now disregarded. Disposed of like common trash. Do you see the connection? Do you realize we’re all just balloons. Drifting aimlessly in the breeze that is life. Disposed of. Existing in different versions of solitude. Left to find our way. Alone to find our purpose. How can you find yourself if you’ve never been lost? 

(Art by: @artbabygirl)