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Music: The Night Ratboys & Vundabar Took Over Richmond

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than by watching a bunch of kickass, quirky women, kill it on stage. Not to mention, this particular show landed on International Women’s Day! So, yeah. The hype was real. Now, don’t let my statement mislead you. It wasn’t all girl bands. (Though that would’ve been sick) It was, however, mostly female singers. Which is good enough for me. Let’s start with ING, an indie band from VA that absolutely fits into a more specific sub-genre. I just couldn’t tell you which one. In the tone of honesty, they’re weren’t my favorite, but don’t get offended yet. Although, they may not be the band I listen to on repeat while driving to work or when heading to the gym. They are the band I’d PAY to come out and to see live. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This probably sounds like a contradiction, at least to a “non-show goer”. To those of us that frequent, there’s a recognized difference between your everyday listens and a mind blowing, stage presence. If you get a chance, roll a spliff and check them out on bandcamp or IG at @ingtheband.

The next band up is Big Baby, which might I add, had a much more cohesive sound. Side note: I’m fairly certain they all had on the same pair of glasses? Either way, I fuck with it. So much so, that I’m pretty sure if there was a movie made of my life. At least one of my soundtracks songs would be by them. Their sound was the perfect, upbeat, twangy tempo for an indie movie intro. If their music isn’t enough for you though, their look might be. Perfectly casual, loose striped tees, lived in Levi’s, and Walmart lace ups. Pulled off so rad-ly (Yeah, I made that word up!), it’ll have you wishing you could do it. I didn’t know about this band prior to tonight, but I’m glad I do now. Check out their EP, Sour Patch, available on iTunes and on IG at @_big_bb.

Now! Let’s talk about mother fuckin’, Ratboys! Visiting Richmond, among other dope places, in celebration of their new EP GL (standing for Good Luck). Toting a sound similar to Rilo Kilo in the vocals, but were self label “post country”. Which, is a rather unfitting genre in relation to their actual sound. With quirky songs talking about the struggles of everyday life, dead pets in the freezer, and family, there’s nothing not to love. All while radiating a punk rock meets hipster, genuineness that is rare to find in indie bands. Like every other band this evening, their performance was everything I expected and more! With a much more mellow stage presence and sound, you could see the closeness they felt to their music and to one another. Check them out today on iTunes to hear their album, GL and on IG at @ratboysband.

Finally, we’ve reached the headlining band, Vundabar. Who is balls to the wall, dope! Despite their lack of a female singer. Seeing them live was incredible, with energy on stage as exciting and climatic as their actual music. Switching back and forth from fast, upbeat riffs, to slower tempos with smooth singing. It was like Young The Giant meets Walk The Moon meets, well, Vundabar! Clearly, I wasn’t the only one amazed by them though. The whole room radiated love and excitements, as the crowd swayed to the music and fangirls pulled my hair. (Literally, a girl behind me wrapped her arms around my torso to try to pull me from the front of the stage.) How can I be mad though, these guys were like the cooler, hipster version of the Jonas Brothers. Check out their album Gawk today on iTunes or IG at @vundabores.  

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