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Event: STitch Dream Benefit Gala

Every now and then, life presents you with amazing people. Ones that are not only driven and interested in their own personal endeavors, but also those of their peers. Designer Chanel Green and her manager, Sapora Carter, happen to be two of these people.

In early December, Chanel decided to take a step in a new direction by putting together the STitch Dream Benefit Gala. An event that gave her the opportunity to give back to the hospital that she herself, has had heart surgery at as an infant, Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughter. While also provided the opportunity to showcase a handful of RVA’s other talent.

Everything about the setup and decor was wonderful, but what made the event was the talented individuals that were present. Between the business owners participating and the one attending, you’d almost forgotten you were there to “give back.” Creating a networking social that would make any business owner wish they’d attended.

Below are the wonderful business owners that made this event possible with their generosity and time! Check them, and their work, out today on IG! 

STitch Owner, Chanel Green & Manager, Sapora Carter

IG: @stitchbychanel / @sapp_

Ladypreneur, Jaunika Dildy

IG: @ladypreneur

Ambitious Girl/Videographer/Photographer, Sade

IG: @ambitiousgirl_tv

Different Perspective

IG: @differentperspectiveofficial

Stylist (auctioneer), Lavina Ellis

IG: @stylebymufasa

Stylist (auctioneer), Angel

IG: @ange1cakes

Photographer (auctioneer), Jonathan Kirven

IG: @j.kirven

Photographer (auctioneer), Dia

IG: @photoartphotography

Makeup Artist (auctioneer), Stephanie Hertel

IG: @makeupbystehertel

Makeup Artist (auctioneer), KC No Jo Jo

IG: @iam_khiliachantal

Makeup Artist (auctioneer), Jessica

IG: @flawlessjessmakeup

Designer (auctioneer), Destin’ee Nicole Browne

IG: @dnbcouture

Designer (auctioneer), Anisa Gooden

IG: @a.k.designs

Photographer, Brigette White


Photographer, Ta’Ree Brown

IG: @_taree

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