I’ll Take It Black - A 40oz and Netflix

It was Saturday, so as per usual, my #1 was inviting me over for a 40oz and the Netflix. With the dick being A+ and the promise of my favorite drink, I was definitely on board. Plus I was attending an all white party that night and knew I’d look bangin’ when I got there. I was wearing heels for once and lacking panties, so we were both hyped to begin our hang sesh.

After consuming a few drinks and spending the allotted “I made an appearance” timeframe at the party, I was ready to ride. Ride some dick that is. So I hit the road and head to my #1’s house, texting him to be ready to drink and fuck. We start our evening as usual, by choosing something to watch. Tonight it was Team Foxcatcher. We sat watching while racing to see who’d finish their 40 first. It was me. This quickly transitioned into his dick in my hand, then my mouth, then me. Making the most of my weekend, he fucked me for what felt like forever. And being that I was drunk this was definitely not a complaint. His groans getting heavier and heavier, so I drop down to “catch” the obvious load about to come. (See what I did there..) He grabs my head and yells out, “I’m about to cum!” and begins to fill my mouth. But instead of the normal trickle, an excess of fluid begins to flow out. Filling my mouth at a rapid rate, like, way too quickly to be semen.

It took me about 3 seconds to realize he was peeing on me. Well, I guess more so peeing in me, my mouth to be specific. Then on me, because obviously what response would there be other than to lean back? Disgusted and shocked by the unexpected golden shower, I stare at him furiously and he stares back at me, confused. I stood up and began to put my clothes on, saying nothing in the process. More sober than I had been at the beginning of the night. Which was especially unfortunately, considering the nights new turn of events. Walking away from this situation I now know one thing for sure, there is nothing “golden” about a golden shower.