I’ll Take It Black - Calisthenics in the Park

Like most long lasting and meaningful relationships, ours started after he shot me a DM on Instagram. Meeting me through a mutual friend a couple weeks prior at a photoshoot I was participating in. It was clear from our first interaction that the attraction was there. So I figured if I played it cool, he'd be messaging me in no time. Success! He started off by stating, "I want to like all your pictures," which rapidly escalated to "Here's my number, lets link up." I had no objections.  

We had made plans for a date at the park, being that it was late August and still warm. It was the perfect setting for some light calisthenics over good conversation. He held my hand and we talked about ourselves, revealing little tidbits of info as we went. Trying to downplay the pre-established connection we had already determined was there. We had made it about 75% around the track we were walking when he kissed me. A kiss that rapidly turned into my hand on his dick. "Do you want to go back to the house?" He asks. "Why? We have a whole park to ourselves," I responded. His mouth dropped and I drop to my knees to start undoing his pants. We migrated to a bench in a dimly lit corner, located next to the playground. The classiest place at the park, obviously. Our romantic intentions showing as he fucks me hard from behind. His pants around his ankles while I bend over the bench. Pulling out, he slaps his dick against my ass, then goes to shove it back in. 

Only this time he misses the hole, ramming full speed into my essentially untainted asshole. Fuck my life. As I sat there on my knees, a few tears leaking from my eyes. He apologized incessantly and rubbed my back. We finish having sex, leaving me torn between satisfaction and devastation. The knowledge that I'll feel like I have to shit almost constantly for the next 3 days. My poor asshole feeling broken. Apologizing again, he made me feel like a champ. Downplaying the situation as if I hadn't just been split in two. There was no real consequence. Minus the mini heart attacks I now have every time a dick comes at me full speed. At least from behind.