I’ll Take It Black - Work Hard, Sleep Heavy

There is nothing I appreciate more than a good dick that happens to be conveniently located and readily available. He was all of the above. These facts are what quickly resulted in him being bumped to the top of my fuck buddy list. Mostly cause the dick... but also the other things. An accomplishment not many men can claim. It was 7pm on Friday and I was five shots deep. Being the light weight I am, mixed with my substantial dinner of fried artichokes. It didn’t take a genius to realize I was ready to hit my #1. Plus I was already out, so my reputation of falling asleep was, for once, not one of my concerns. Excitedly, I head to his house. Occupied with thoughts about the dick down I was about to receive. He answered the door just how I like it, with a 40 in hand. Using his free one to grab my wrist and lead me upstairs. It didn’t long for us to reach his room. 

As the door clicked closed, I heard the beautiful sound of his dick hitting his leg. Hyped and ready to ride, I ditched the 40 and immediately began licking his dick. Ready to show him just how much I missed it since the last time. He laid there eagerly, talking dirty to me while complimenting my technique. Too bad my mind had wondered to trying to figure out which episode of Arrested Development was playing in the background. "You miss Daddy's dick?" He asks, snapping me back to reality. Unsure how to respond with my mouth so full, I settle on a grunt of agreement. It was warm in his room and I was drunk. A blanket of exhaustion subtly rolling over me. My inner self debating, "do I tap out or suck it up". But mama didn’t raise no quitter. “Suck it up!” (literally and figuratively) I yelled to myself internally while trying to push thoughts of sleep from my head. My inner motivational speaker coming out. “You commit, Bitch. Don’t give up now!”

As the room faded in and out. All I could think about was trying harder and harder to complete the task I had started. Working, working, working... A repetition one could almost compare to counting sheep. I open my eyes to darkness and confusion. Confusion regarding two things actually. How did it get so dark? And, what is in my mouth? 

As I slowly pushed myself up, both answers became clear. My #1’s dick had unknowingly just escaped a potentially perilous bite. Thanks to sleep me nearly mistaking it for the final chomp on a Popsicle I had been enjoying in my dream. A closer call than I, or he, should have been comfortable with. This was my cue to go. Gathering my things while sliding my clothes on, I apologized for the incomplete job and the almost injured penis. Understandingly he slaps my ass and says, "No problem, I’ll see you next time." Moral to the story, always do your best. That way no one ever doubts your commitment. Even when you fall asleep sucking their dick.