I’ll Take It Black - “Ready?”

I hadn’t seen him since the “broken condom” incident. At least not intentionally. Which was fine. I’m not one to feel offended by a lack of communication. I did however, want my $20 from the Plan-B. So when his name randomly popped up on my phone one night, I didn’t object. Quickly responding to his text that read, “wyd?” With something along the lines of, “What’s happening? You tryin to slide through?” He knew what was up. Responding, “I owe you that $20 still, but yeah, ima come over.” Cool. Glad we worked that out. It had been a minute since I had a monster cock like his. Because, as any adventurous woman knows, you’ve gotta be in the mood to put in worrrrrk. And for real, elastic vagina or not, I don’t need an arm in me all the time. But tonight, I was in the mood to make an exception. Plus, maybe I was feeling a little tight about being “ghosted” last time. Whatever.

His eyes screamed, “I want to get it in your guts” and my eyes screamed, “Pleaseeee..” This time we didn’t waste time talking. As I pulled his dick out, I flashed back to the first time I saw his piece flaccid. How I had momentarily been disappointed, then watched his dick grow 12x it’s size. Like those dinosaur capsules you put in the bath as a child. This time I was ready. Drop your dick in my mouth, daddy. Let’s watch that long neck grow. “Damn, you gonna let me get a few strokes in at least?” He mumbled. Then grabbed a handful of my hair and pulling my head back to kiss my neck. God, I love to be man handled. I was wet and ready and he knew it. Throwing me back on the bed, he grabbed his dick and asked if I was ready, then shoved it in. 

I always appreciate a man who makes sure I cum. So when he asked where to deliver his gift, I said my mouth. Pulling out a few minutes before, I began to work. “Are those your real eyes??” I nod, dick on my tongue. “Fuckkkk. Look at me.” Trying to be impressive, I look up while swirling my tongue around the head of his dick. It clearly worked because moments later he moaned and filled my mouth with cum. If I had a dollar for every time a guy shook his head at me and said, “I wasn’t ready.”