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RVA Fashion Week's Top Designers

As summer comes to an end and fall begins, so do the old trends. Moving from bathing suites and all mesh attire to full coats, gowns, and at RVA Fashion Week, even quilts?

This Fall, I was once again granted the honor of attending RVA Fashion Week, with hopes to get a glimpse of what we can expect to be “in” this fall and winter. Everything from the skyline view at the venue to the various types of vendors was stunning. But none of that compared to the amazingly talented designers who graced our presence that evening.

The following are HennyNCoke & Sydney Like Australia’s “RVA Fashion Week’s Top Designers”:

1. Kamala (@_kamala)

This was my first time seeing this designers work and I can’t lie, I was hyped! Not only does she seem to radiate body positivity, health, and natural beauty in her own personal aura, but she also does so within the branding of her clothes. Each piece was modest, flattering, and looked tremendously comfortable. Making it wearable for women of all body types and levels of modesty.

2. House of LaPosh (@house_of_laposh)

I’m pretty confident that if you looked up the definition for “Versatile” in the dictionary, it would be a link to House of LaPosh. Time and time again, she steals the show with designs totally different than the ones she presented the time before. This fall, her designs were widely made up of short dresses. However, her show stoppers were 2 of her all white gowns. One goddess style and one princess cut wedding dress.

3. Angelia’s Couture (@angeliascouture_)

The best way to describe Angelia’s Couture is: “I want to buy everything!” Her fall line didn’t necessarily have a cohesive theme, but that didn’t stop it from killing on the runway. Starting with a number of earth tone, striped jackets (for both men and women) to astonishingly made sequined gowns. However, my favorite piece was a pleather bodysuit that reminded me of tomb raider and screamed, “I’m a boss, bitch.”

4. STitch (@stitchbychanel)

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, STitch is one of my favorite RVA designers. So I am always tremendously excited to see her line on the runway. This evening was no exception! Her fall line included a number of jackets, dresses, and bodysuits that have the perfect amount of “Pop!” to stand out, even under a full winter coat. Combining comfort and class with different fabrics and style types to appeal to the plain jane’s, boss lady’s and party girl’s, alike.

5. Amanda Welch (@mandalive)

This collection was life. It’s as simple as that. Embracing grunge and female empowerment with a line that almost solely consisted of statement pieces. Using only black and gold, in the form of pleather and a metallic-y fabric that was to die for. Her bodysuits were modest as it relates to coverage but maintained a strong sex appeal with their perfect fit and jaw dropping designs.

Amanda Welch’s clothes may not give you superpowers, but they’ll sure make you feel untouchable.

6. Travian Vann (@travianvann)

Last, but most definitely not least, is Travian Vann. Saying her fall line is “breath taking”, still feels like an understatement. Creating the type of dresses that prompt a gasp, when entering a room while wearing it. Each one having uniquely defining details and cuts that perfectly flaunted each individual's body type. I had never really given marriage much thought, but her dresses have me dreaming of any justifiable need, for myself, to buy one.

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