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A Day in the Life of: STitch

Everyone has “that friend”. You know, the one who’s constantly busy taking over the world? Posting snaps and pictures that make you want to repost with the hashtag #goals. I now know first hand, that life is anything but simple. Rushing from photoshoot, to networking event, to interview. All while upholding the “image” associated with being an influential woman. It's not just a day job where the work stops when you walk out the door. It is a lifestyle, taking more than just imagination to succeed. Networking on networking on networking. Chanel Green, owner and designer of STitch, is the embodiment of hard work and dedication. After getting the opportunity to cover her commercial shoot, it made me curious how much different the BTS of a show would be. Knowing she had New York Fashion Week coming up it was the perfect opportunity to find out. Thankfully, Chanel was yet to be “over” me and agreed I could come along as her sudo assistant for this milestone in her career. Two weeks, an obscene amount of discarded clothing choices and a six hour car drive later, we were in New York. Where we'd soon lose the car three times and have to visit two different pizza shops to acquire pepperoni. But that's all beside the point. We were in NY for Fashion Week and everything was exciting.

It was 5pm, which meant it was time to gather the things, get a coffee and review the game plan as we entered the venue. First thought: Thank god Chanel is a queen. The venue was very NY. What I mean by that is, it was small. The dressing room was the entryway and the only restroom was 3 floors down. This wouldn't have been a setback in itself. Everyone being professionals in their field and ready to flex to whatever is thrown their way. Unfortunately, the sizes were also given incorrect. Adding the additional challenge of playing “let's see what piece fits what model!” Despite the chaos, Chanel adapted. In no time, and with little help from myself, she had assembled a new team of models to pair with her line. With the models now in hair and makeup, we had a moment to breath. We being myself, the photographer, and her stand in assistant. Not Chanel, who was now prepping for her on camera interview that would follow the show. The hallways of the venue was now bursting with energy and impatient guests ready to be seated. This was our window to hit the restroom, which also required coming up with a secret knock to get back in, sans hassle. Parents, siblings, extended family, all crowded in the hallway, trying to slide through the partially enter doors as we squeezed out of the room and into the janke elevator. By the time we were back upstairs the models were filtering into the back room, ready to be dressed for the runway.

Thankfully, this was the easy part. Leaving us with the “simple task” of dressing the girls without getting makeup stains on the clothes or messing up their hair. Before we knew it, everyone was dressed and it was showtime. As Chanel and her assistant stayed in back to keep the girls in order. The photographer and I formed a game plan to sneak into the main room in hopes of viewing the final product. We were successful, and the show was as well. All the designers had lines that were beautifully made, with looks that were unique to them. The models, despite being teens, walked and posed like true professionals that had been doing it for years. It was hard to imagine the chaos that had ensued prior to the show, even as someone who lived it. As pictures were taken and the models undressed, we began packing up Chanel's things while waiting for her interview. Like everything else that evening, she handled it with confidence and grace. Showing her true personality as she spoke about her brand and the exciting ventures that are soon to come. It's safe to say that New York Fashion Week was a success for STitch and I couldn't be more appreciative to have had the opportunity to tag along for a BTS look. Follow Chanel today at @stitchbychanel on IG and at to stay up to date with what's new for STitch and for continued BTS looks at her day to day.

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