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Interview: Stitch - "Are You THAT Woman?"

Why is your favorite outfit your "favorite"? Is it because it fits in a tremendously flattering way while being equally comfortable? Does it stand out not only because it’s flashy or complicated, but because of the way it makes you feel confident and radiant while wearing it? Favorite clothing is hard to find, especially when you’re not 5’10” and 140 pounds (which let’s face it, most of aren’t). However, designer and owner of Stitch, Chanel Green, has somehow mastered both comfort and flash in each of her looks. This is not the only perk to her clothing, each piece is versatile and stylish, giving it the ability to easily transform from day at the office to night on the town. What else is there to ask for?

(Photos by: @cestlabree)

After spending the last 2 years building her brand, networking, and launching her website, Chanel is working on taking the steps to provide more than just photography of her clothing. A few weeks ago was the first Stitch commercial shoot, set to capture the true wear, movement, and feel of her designs. I had the honor of tagging along to snap some behind the scene footage of what it takes to shoot a commercial and to interview Chanel on the overall success of Stitch.

(Photo by: @cestlabree)

I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arriving. A video shoot with runway models for a fashion line sounds like it’d be a bit stressful. To my surprise, her shoot was anything but! It was immediately clear the relationship and understanding between designer and model was concrete. Allowing everyone to have fun and display their personality within their work and speaking volumes on how Chanel runs and interacts with her associates.

(Photo by: @acewindu__)

Her Spring/Summer 2017 line, as well as her brand as a whole, emanates the message “be that woman”. To love, obsess over, and fully embrace who you are as a person. In whatever way “that” translates to you. Below you can find my interview with Chanel and her recently released commercial with videography done by Lowe Maceo of Collect Worldwide.

Follow her now on IG at @stitchbychanel and check out her website,, for updates on what you can expect from her next!

Stitch Commercial:

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