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Collect Worldwide: A Lifestyle

The average person spends a large amount of their life wondering, is my dream worth chasing? However, this was not a concern of Maceo and his partner, Travis Payne. Jumping in head first after college with the confidence to know that they'd create the success they desire. Their journey thus far hasn't been black and white. Like other business owners, they've had to learn the art of balancing time management, marketing, and creating. The launch of their website,, is only the first step in their expansive business plan. Just 3 weeks after the website's launch and half of their products are already sold out. The online shop making it easier for consumers to easily cop new merch, as well as, stay updated with the businesses changes and growth. Collect Worldwide currently offers a variety of merchandise ranging from hats to shorts. Providing versatile and unisex options, that are simplistic enough to appeal to women and men alike. Their brand is inclusive and broad, leaving plenty of room for expansion as the name grows. The type of line that could be considered both independent and mainstream simultaneously. The same way brands like OBEY and Supreme started. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Maceo to talk about the drop of their website and to discuss what this launch means for the growth of Collect Worldwide as a whole. Read my interview with Maceo below.

Is Collect Worldwide your first partnership together? How did it come about? Legally, yes, it's our first partnership together. Travis and I actually grew up going to stores like Hospitality, Needs Supply and other stores that are now worldwide. We always wanted to open up our own store, but in order to do that you have to take the steps necessary to get there. We had to sit down and plan, decided on a name that we felt would resonate with everybody and we could actually build around, one that describes exactly what we’re doing. We went through a list and crossed off names, Travis was like, “I’m feeling Collect,” and I said, “I am too!" Then we added the Worldwide because that’s where we’re trying to take it. You said in the first question that you (Maceo) and Travis grew up together. How long have you known each other? Did you get along the whole time? *laughs* Travis and I have known each other since high school orientation in 2006 summer, so for 10+ years we have been building together. At first Travis and I weren’t cool, but that’s how most of my relationships have gone. It didn’t take long for us to join forces. Our math teacher had sat us next to each other and Travis was like, “I cheat for you, you cheat for me.” Ever since then it’s been a wrap.

How do your dreams now align with those you had as a child?

Personally speaking, I’ve always realized and felt that I was supposed to being doing something different that what I was “supposed to be” doing. I grew up in Richmond, VA and the school system hasn’t always been pristine. I can even still reflect on some of the upbringings and thing that happened with me growing up. I knew I had to create something, create and do something else that everybody else wasn’t doing. Everybody coming from our community and upbringing, they all had to deal with something. Whether it be Section 8 or something else. I went to Albert Hill Richmond Community, my zone school was Binford. So I’ve been a part of the city for a while and I’ve been trying to set myself apart ever since. Did you always know you wanted to move in the direction of clothing or did you just want to create entirely? Clothing was definitely an idea, but we didn't know how we wanted to move forward. Travis and I had already been keen on sneakers but we've been there, done that. We’ve ran through the malls with people for Cool Grey’s and 11’s, knocking over kiosks and like, maybe we need to chill out on this. Or figure out a way to play it to our benefit. We’re still working that part out, but it’s all a part of the process, we’re gonna get there.

I noticed your current line consist of casual/street wear, which makes me curious, is it more about the design or the brand? We're working on trying to find the best product to put out considering our demographic and where we are at currently. As far as the brand goes, it's made up of myself and Travis. Then you have everyone else that’s around us, helping work to get to where we want to go. The branding goes hand in hand with how we live, like today, we had a pop-up.. that footage will come out later. Now I’m about to set up and DJ at Baja (a bar in Richmond, VA). I’m the first DJ to be DJing here on a Saturday and that’s just off the strength. How do you tie your individual ventures into your collaborated project? It’s all kind of a funnel, same thing with motivation. Once you become motivated and believe in yourself, you start putting pieces together leading to an elevated level of thinking and focus. There’s Innominate Entertainment that I run with Rio, that’s a music producer and music production company. We have a studio inside the crib and we’re getting a mic in there, so when you see certain visuals from Collect Worldwide the music behind it is gonna be Innominate. On Innominate’s end we’ve been putting out mix tapes on SoundCloud that we’ve put together with artists we know which has been well received. Then Collect Worldwide is what we wear and represent, what we put out to the world. The people that following already know, they see me on the day to day. We’re working on transparency so they know I’m putting my all into this. We’re putting our all into all of this. We also have Lowe Maceo, that a different brand that is all of the creative stuff like branding, videography, directing, any of that. So it all comes together full form.

What makes you and Travis a good team? Who brings what to the partnership? Well first of all, we brotha’s so it doesn’t matter, if something needs to be said, it’s said. No hesitation. Right now Travis is working his 9-5 so he does whatever he can, you know? The idea is to get him out of that so he can do this full time. He works in insurance so he handles all of the accounting, he keeps up with the inventory, he makes sure it looks nice and he does the product presentation. And of course, he also has input on the creative process and I run everything past Travis. Me on the other hand, I’m out there meeting with manufacturers, creating, putting everything into photoshop, etc. The strategic mind cause I went to school for Creative Design and Advertising. . There's no doubt that there is plenty to come from Collect Worldwide in the future. Collect is a lifestyle and with designers Maceo and Travis, the option to expand is generous too say the least. To keep up with any new updates or releases please follow them on IG @collect.worldwide or shop with them at

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