I'll Take It Black - He Said, "I just cameee!"

As if this needed to be stated. Not just because my face was covered with it, but because of the absurd sound he proceeded to make while doing so. If only I had known this moment was about to occur for recording purposes, or soundbite references. However, since I dropped the ball, I’d have to describe it as what I'd imagine a horse would sound like if it itself was cumming, and simultaneously being stabbed. In all honesty, his physical body reactions could also be described this same way. Laying on the floor shaking, followed by random jolts and limbs smashing into the ground. The way you would imagine a drowning person would look upon being resuscitated and electrocuted simptaneously.

(Unfortunately, I had known going in this was going to be the outcome, or I had at least been warned. But what would life be if we listened?)

As he laid there, mid jolt, he states, “One of your boobs is bigger than the other,” I reply, “I hadn’t noticed.” No follow up, just the statement, as if I’m supposed to what? Apologize for my non-magazine looking body after just witnessing the seizer like display he had on my floor. Come on! “Did I meet your expectations?” he asked. I laugh and answer, “Yeah, it was cool.” He follows up with, “Tell me you love black cock,” “I love black cock,” “Fuck other dudes dick’s, tell me you love MY black cock,” “I love black cock.” He layed there, looking defeated. I sat thinking about how I direly needed to call my friend. The same friend who had previously warned me to stay away from his weird cumming ass.

After some clear indicators on my behalf that the interaction was now over. Something that I thought was obvious once we’ve both achieved what we came for. (Get it? Came for. Ha ha) He slowly gathered his things and began to exit. Not before continuing to ask, “Did I meet your expectations?” and “Are we going to do this again?” I, like any polite woman, evaded answering the question as I directed him towards the door. Confused by the sub-par events and commentary that had just taken place. Clearing having experienced entirely different things.

Needless to state, this pussy will never again be poppin’ for him.

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